the gates are narrow, my friend.

i had the best drive to and from lubbock with my friend, brandon weir, last weekend. he has always been someone i can reconnect with and absolutley pick up where we left off. we spent an incredible year doing ministry together at first baptist church of lubbock, from 2005-2006, and if you REALLY want to know who your friends are and know someone at his or her absolute core…either run for public office, or work at a church together.

at least that’s my philosophy.

anyway, we tend to always be working through similar issues in our lives whenever we get together to dialogue about life. last year, we talked about singleness. in particular, we discussed shaine claiborne’s take on it, but specifically we looked at, matthew 9:10-12 (just after Jesus teaching about divorce).

i’ll let you look that one up. basically, Jesus says that those who can accept (singleness) should. it’s interesting to think about here, because it’s Jesus exalting here, not a man.

this year we talked a lot about spiritual gifts and communion with God. i was absolutley captivated by listening to brandon talk about all the things God has taught him and done within his spirit, in the past year, along these lines. we shared a lot of personal experiences and just…celebrated.

we always find truth when we look for it, and that is something i can not say about every single person i know. actually, i don’t know many people like brandon, who is willing (WILLING not just that he knows that it’s important) to put his faith before everything. the all encompassing…every. thing. i count it a true blessing to have at least one friend like this in my lifetime.

i’ll leave it at that. i don’t want to embarrass him, HAHAHA, although i’m certain he does not read my blog.

you know much dancing and talking to the dashboard bobblehead Jesus ensued on our trip, AND much reminiscing of our former days as college ministers. here are some pictures i found on the old blog.

brandon, chris, tracy and me (going clockwise). those were the days…

me and chris. i think we just fought a dragon. with a putter.

brandon, me, jen, caroline and craig on a mission trip in LA.

me, griggs and chris at one of our famous tailgate parties.

ok this one has nothing to do with nine30 at the time, but good times nonetheless. pretty much everyone in this picture is a hero to me, in a different way. and, actually, we are all former nine30ers. it’s amazing to think about where everyone is now. kim and alex are ministering to students at OU, misty is living and working in dallas, chad is working at pine cove full time, shane is…amazing, and working with students in california, dracula is still drinking blood, and i’m well…cupcaking it up.

thanks for taking a stroll with me down memory lane.

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