more cupcakes, kyle.

my bestest derk lindsay sent me this amazing cupcake flower. just because, she’s awesome.

3 thoughts on “more cupcakes, kyle.

  1. Kristin says:

    You have inspired me with your absolute awesomeness. My cousin’s birthday is Thursday and we are having a party. (That and because Kath & Kim is premiering) and because of all of your beautiful cupcake pictures, I am making cupcakes. (My only job was to get a cake…ptoo, I spit on cakes.)

    Also, your awesome business card rides everywhere with me in ol’ Betsy. It’s right by where I check and see if I need gas. I don’t know what that is called…but that’s where it rides.

  2. kyle says:

    wait a minute! what happened to the new post?!? it’s gone.

    if you didn’t see my comment on it, thanks for dedicating a whole cupcake-y post to me. even though it’s not a real cupcake.

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