the dream wedding.

okay. so recently i have been asked to be in the pinkest wedding of the year (truth). well, i guess of next year. in an attempt to show my friend, amanda, what our dresses were going to look like, i discovered the ‘create your own bridal party’ feature at david’s bridal dot com.

allow me to show you what i mean.

this is a wedding i designed for amanda. for when she gets married in the common area outside her house. notice the incredibly awesome matching and coordinating separates on each of the bride’s maids. brilliant.

this is wedding party number 2 that i designed for amanda, trying to make it as horrible as possible. yet, it somehow still kind of matches. so, she decided to take a turn.

amanda told me if my wedding party didn’t look like this, she’d be really mad. i made up who each of these characters are. from left to right, there’s kimete, my albanian friend, lindsay with her hair dyed red and no tan, me, amanda, and amanda’s adopted little sister, treasure.

hidious. right? this was my retaliation. so ugly.

okay. thanks for amusing me. the david’s bridal tool is awesome for entertainment on laundry night. i’m telling you. go make up a wedding RIGHT NOW and let me know how it goes.

3 thoughts on “the dream wedding.

  1. Melissa Allen says:

    wow – this is such an awesome find! I’ve put several of the templates up on my blog (because they were too good to change!!) and created my own fabulously tacky bridal party!
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Nichole says:

    Because I am so bored right now, I’m going to go to the Davids Bridal website and try to recreate my wedding… *sigh* I guess this is what Sundays are for right? Having nothing to do! :)

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