three (well, maybe four).

first of all, i just have to brag about this amazing concert i went to with my friend sam last night. the ting tings! they rock hard. i loved every song and every moment they were on stage! here’s a really crappy picture from my iphone.

secondly, i roadtripped it with sister amy to dallas and sulphur springs this weekend. it’s always a good time when the three bryant sisters are together…be assured of that. we had lots of good food and conversation and celebrations with the parents, and all in all was a great trip. of course you KNOW we stoped for kolches in west. yummm.

thirdly, i just continue to learn what ‘humility’ means in different forms. i can think of three instances lately where i have complained about someone, something, or a place…and each time after declaring my ‘doneness’ with the situation, God has seen fit to teach me a lesson in humility and changed my mind. yikes. what is He trying to tell me? what is the bigger picture?

fourthly, i would like to give out a shoutout to a one: jacob vanhorn. because i was roadtripping back to austin and didn’t get back in time for church, jacob called to give me something i like to call a ‘re-preach’. that is, 4,500 years of israel history in 45 seconds. hahaha!

that’s all for today, my lovelies. i will soon have some pictures to post from a fall service day shoot, from a few weeks ago.

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