the journey of a big sister.

so i’ve never been a big sister before. ok lies. i was a big in kappa delta, my delightful sorority of choice. erin was my little, and she pretty much rocked. but that was many moons ago.

so i applied with the big brother big sister of central texas program, to adopt a little brother OR sister. (not picky.)

the day after i mailed in my application, they phoned all of my references…it was scary fast. the next day i was called for an interview, which occurred yesterday morning around 10am.

we chatted for awhile, i learned the rules and regulations and answered a ton of questions about my family and my expectations. the next step is actually getting matched. i’m so nervous! and a little bit terrified, but i think it will be a great experience. i have three other friends, in austin, who also have littles, so we’ll have a good little community going soon.

i’ll keep you posted on my future little muffin-cupcake-sibling.

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