where did everyone go?

man it’s been lacking in the comments latley, guys. geez. he he he—but thanks to mr. site meter, i know you’re all still out there. :)

first of all, i have to say that i’m coming to you live from my black death quarantine. that’s right. i’ve been battling this ebola-like virus since last thursday and it’s finally taken me doooown. i’ve missed so many meetings and classes because of this diseasedness taking over my life, so i decided to stay home from work today and sleep. all day. i think it’s working. so hopefully i’ll be back out and about again soon. ugh.

secondly, i am really excited about the presidential outcome. i think barak will do a great job…and the rest of the country so evidently thought so, too. i’ve seen tons of facebook status changes and tweets today of people freaking out. ummm helluer…checks and balances people. the fact of the matter is, though, that if mccain had won, half the country would be terrified….and when obama won, half the country became terrified. i don’t know. that doesn’t seem so healthy. maybe i will just move to france. WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?? love you! :D

voting has never seemed so important to me than it was this year. maybe because the first two elections i was able to vote in weren’t as interesting, but i think it has more to do with my experiences in kosovo. i was there the spring and winter before they declared independence from serbia, and they were so excited to take action. to vote. to have a voice in what was happening after a period of warfare that was so absolutely devastating. last new years, people were SO incredibly joyful at the upcoming declaration. i don’t see many americans that are as proud to be american, as much as my kosovar friends are loyal and proud to be albaian. perhaps it is a case of not appreciating what you have until it is taken away from you.

sort of like the black death. will i appreciate wellness when i’m not sick anymore? or will i forget about it and then get all mad when i get another sore throat? ugh.

ok i’m out. i’m getting really cranky. :) and typing a lot of facial expressions out of combinations of punctuations and letters. weird. (this is what the black death does to you.)

peace be with you all and thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “where did everyone go?

  1. Jacob Vanhorn says:

    Hey girl, hope that you are feeling better very, very soon.

    When it comes to elections, no matter who wins, there are always surprises that neither side really expects. It is the nature of campaigning, political payback of HUGE donors and the shifting circumstances that a president finds themselves in. Certainly the Bush agenda was transformed by 9/11, and Barack’s agenda must now adjust to the recent economic crisis. Both Obama and McCain received HUGE donations from the financial services sector and now we find that the presidents and Sec of Treasury are responsible for determining which company is going to survive by getting billions from the public.

    As for checks and balances, much of them are gone when the executive branch and the legislative branch are owned by the same party, as is the case now. After being shut out of power for so many years, the Dems (as well as the Repubs in previous years) see blood in the water and will be hungry. It will be up to Barack to hold to his campaign promise to seek bipartisan support.

    As for the third check and balance, within six months we will likely see the supreme court get a new justice that will tip it left again.

    None of this is new though. This has been happening in the US for decades. The nation steps a little to the left, then it steps a little to the right. It is our nature to not be satisfied and to blame the ones in office for it. This happens when we place our trust and hopes in man/government institutions.

    Peace out girl, I really pray you are feeling better soon. Oh, and I am pumped for wine for Jesus!

  2. Jenny Murphy says:

    Hello, hello!!! I am so glad that i found out about your fabulous website at the Election Night Party. I will be visiting often…you have a great thing going!

    PS…Amanda and i totally missed you last night at the EF Poker Tournament. Hope you’re feeling better!

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