kings and lords.

should Jesus really be described as a “king” or “lord”? or were those just words the authors of the new testament used because it was what was common to them in their time? because it was a concept they knew their readers would easily understand?

i think the words of these ancient scriptures are certainly alive and active today. so…what does it mean for Jesus to be ‘lord’ or ‘king’? what does it look like? how do i even begin to understand this concept?

up until now, the idea of lordship, for me, has really been this vague idea of absolute obedience. in my head, i know that Jesus is my Lord. if ‘no’ enters my vocabulary when answering Him, then He is no longer “lord” of my life. friend yes, lord no.

last night, at church, we touched on the kingship and lordship of Christ in our lives. this is a concept so hard for americans to understand (well, i know it’s hard for me) because we’ve never sat under a royal family.

i chatted with my great friend, trish, this morning, who is american, but living in london working on a phd in british history. yes, she’s so fierce. and british. and has tea and crumpets everyday. sigh.

anyway, i wanted to share what i have learned so far. trish pointed out, that ever since america broke from britian, it is her opinion that america has been trying to prove itself. we have a hard time submitting to authority because we have this mentality of ‘i can do it myself’ and ‘i don’t need anyone to help me’ independence. i agree with this. i mean, what is the american dream? being successful, on your own…pulling yourself up by your own bootstrap and then eating some apple pie and hot dogs at the baseball game. right?

then, trish said something, that was so neat. she said, “there is something about the throne that begs amazement.” wow. that statement really engaged me in thinking about my relationship with Christ. He does beg amazement. she gave me some examples in history of great britain,  as to  why this is true.  one, is that in the 19th and 20th centuries people moved to the furthest borders of their territory just because the queen ‘asked’ them to.  that’s some fierce devotion.

nowadays, the royal family of england doesn’t really do much, but when you ask an englishman if they should rid of royalty, it is always an adamant ‘no’. there is such a high regard and respect of the throne. they hold a special place in the hearts of the citizens.

this really gets me thinking. do i regard King Jesus this way? no, i don’t. but i should. i think i can do things on my own, most of the time, and then invite Him to join me in my work. but wow…what a concept. my heart desires amazement that only comes from the throne of Jesus. i love this truth.

thanks, trish, for the insight and history lessons. please eat a crumpet for me today.

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3 thoughts on “kings and lords.

  1. Jacob Vanhorn says:

    Aw girl, I am so glad that we get to hang out with you for this season!! Please let me know how this week progresses. I may ask you to share next week what you learn. Don’t worry, you will be great!!

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