more from greenie.

david: what do you have planned for your new york trip?
me: we’ll be watching the out/tech game at some point. and going to chinatown for sure.
david: i’m way jealous. i want to go to chinatown.
me: yeah. i know
david: you know i know NYC pretty well.
me: haha, do you?
david: yeah.
me: how’s that?
david: i watch CSI: NY. that town is dangerous.
me: oh this conversation is definitely going up on my blog…
david: i’m just saying. carry two cans of mace.
me: wow.
david: one readily avaliable.
me: okay
david: and another concealed one.
me: riiiiiight.
david: but if you’re in trouble call mac taylor.
me: who’s mac taylor?
david: new york crime lab’s manager.
me: oh ok. david, he’s not real.
david: no, he really is. and he’s your friend.
me: i understand sometimes you think people on tv are your real life friends…
david: i trust him.
me: ok. he’s not real.
david: you can, too.

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