laura has inspired me.

so true. she posted, recently, at top ten of things she’s thankful for, so here are mine. (in no particular order.)

1. my iphone. cheesy? yes. completely superficial and materialistic? absolutely. but that amazing little thing got me out of a couple a pickles last week with gps. it was amazing and i really don’t know what i would have done without it.

2. an awesome church family. i am just amazed and humbled more and more by this unique crew God has woven together so perfectly. we have a great pastor, jacob, who i’ve mentioned many times, who not only leads us well, but leads an incredible family. from the top down, i enjoy everyone and everything about soma.

3. true friendship. this is hard to come by, i’ve learned in my 27 years of life. but every once and again you come across another soul that you just sort of fit with. they don’t always have to go deep. i was in new york last weekend visiting some friends in a theatre company, who i’ve only just met this spring, and they made me feel so warm and welcome and loved. how great is that? also, i just got to see my best friend, lisa, and was so honored that she could join the bryant clan for thanksgiving this year. so good for the soul.

4. future aunthood! did i tell you all that BOTH of my sister’s are pregnant?? it’s true. their due dates are two weeks apart and i could not be more excited!

5. dogs. i dog-site a LOT in austin, which fulfills my need to have my own. i do have three dogs, that live with my parents. i posted about the while back. also, my office is dog-friendly, meaning that everyone is allowed to bring his/her dog to work. on an average day we’ll have four dogs at work, however, i think there are nine dogs, currently employed by thinkwell. there’s something so therapeutic about petting dogs. i think it keeps us all a bit more calm. that is, until i get a message in my inbox that reads, “poop has just appeared in the sales area from an unknown source.” ew.

6. a job. i mean, have you seen the economy and job market lately? yikes. i am very thankful for a job. and not just any job, but hello…remember in number 5 where i talked about the dogs? it’s such a sweet place to work, not to mention that i get to work with my much cooler, wiser, sister. i love it. it’s a very relaxed, fun environment where everyone just gets along. we have cupcake thursdays and donut fridays. what’s not to love? i am so blessed.

7. gmail chat. yes, yes, this can be a total time waster, but i really love using it. it allows me to keep in contact with my friends from kosovo and talk to them, live. not just posting on each other’s walls like on facebook. it is so fun, and just blows my mind sometimes that we can be on two different continents, chatting online.

8. community. not only do i have a great church family, and great coworkers, but because there are so many wonderful things to do in austin, i’ve been able to meet the most interesting people with different passions and perspective. i began volunteering for a non-profit called, discoverhope fund, back in the summer, and am very thankful to serve on their events committee. this has opened doors and opened eyes to seeing how the world works in a different light. my team is beautiful and i enjoy every moment we can celebrate the blessings of this organization.

9. a working car. i know that by owning a car, that automatically puts me in something liek the top 1/3 richest people in the world. it’s something that i feel like americans, especially living in the south where public transportation isn’t as common, we automatically get a car from our parents, or look to buy one upon turning 16. that is so rare compared to the rest of the world, and i’m thankful that i have a great car…that works!

10. a relationship with God through Christ. this relationship is so real and so evident in everything i do…everything i see, i am so thankful that God is bigger than this world and loves me in a way that i can’t understand, but humbly accept. i grew up going to church because my parents did, but became a believer in God right before high school. i am so thankful for all He has given me and for who He is.

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