i was tagged by sarah!

8 shows I love to watch
1. arrested development (rip)
2. paranormal state
3. how i met your mother (i crush hard on neil-pat)
4. project runway
5. top chef
6. house
7. mars
8. umm…i don’t know an eighth. i’m surprised i made it to 7, ha.

8 things I look forward to
right now? or in general?
1. hanging out at soma…good eggs.
2. work–my job is kewl.
3. Christmas! so excited to host this year.
4. wine for Jesus.
5. discover hope events.
6. hanging out with my little bro.
7. visiting my albanian family next year. (fingers crossed!)
8. ooohhh 2009!

8 things that happened today
1. carl brought a greenburg turkey to work. amazing.
2. gave harley dog a bath.
3. made a new playlist on my itunes.
4. fixed the links on my link page.
5. chatted with lynn.
6. scheduled my runs for this week.
7. took harley and scout for a walk.
8. added carrie’s mom in law, as a friend on facebook.

8 favorite restaurants
ok this might be my favorite question to answer.
1. blue dahlia bistro. –sooooo awesome.
2. el chilito. – much love for the east side.
3. TORCHYS TACOS – thank you, jacob.
4. fonda san miguel – fancy mexican food.
5. baby greens – AWESOME salads.
6. the dim sum place we went to in chinatown. on elizabeth. yum!
7. madam ma’ams – thai food goodness.
8. manuels – the home of the mexican martini.

8 things on my wish list
1. a new stamp in my passport…
2. a laptop
3. a new nikon. sigh.
4. for even more new and interesting people to hit up wine for Jesus.
5. continued transformation.
6. chapstick. (these winter winds are harsh, dude.)
7. for christie and jacob’s house to magically be packed up..
8. a pet reindeer.

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