the 2008 awards.

this is a little something i started over on my dog ate it. you can see 2007 here and 2006 here.

and now i present…

my 2008 awards

first time award winner, katy martin. whilst theatreing in new york this past november, we were presented with an unusual beverage involving pickles. i could not have made it without her.

the past two years, this has been my bff forever, lisa, and while she is the BEST, a surprising twist awards this year’s lifetime service award, to none other than amy bryant. that’s right! my older and coolest sister. she buys me sweet earrings, offers up great advice…and is just all around super!

this award is presented to soma austin. ohhhhh the wonderful friends i have made through this place! congrats, soma. you rock hard!

this award, goes to (for the second year) cinco de mayo!! it was a great evening with friends and delicious food. a close second would have to be valentine’s day. amanda’s cat, george, took the two of us plus sam, to truluck’s for dinner. it was a fine evening.

5) ANTHEM FOR 2007?
metro station: shake it. enough said. congratulations!

best night out is awarded to an afternoon/evening night out and this goes to…november 23rd!!! this was the day team dim sum was formed and the day cape disappointment opened in nyc. kosovo, ss, nine30 and thinkwell united in this crazy powerforce accompanied by incredible dim sum, chinatown bus riding, cupcake searching, picture taking, subway riding and the debate society. it was a night to be remembered for sure!

the best new relationship award is awarded in a four-way tie this year friends. congratulations to amanda c., sherry b., jacob v. and harley dog! great job guys.

wow this was a really hard decision this year, and unfortunately the academy could only have one winner in this particular category. i saw a LOT of great theatre and performances this year. lewis black. reggie watts. the debate society. oh my gosh and ‘get your war on’ was a scream! but after all said and done, this award goes out to the ting tings, live at the parish room. that was the most rockinest show ever!

i would like to break this up into a few categories this year, and will be awarded as follows:
1. BEST COUPLES BLOG – congrats corby and nat! i love that you both update. and i love your blog.
2. BEST NEW BLOG/WEBSITE – shari henson! that’s right. her photog website is top notch. you rule, shari!
3. FUNNIEST BLOG – kristin k. thomas….thank you for your guest post earlier this year as well. pc hearts you!
4. OLDIE BUT GOODIE – i present this award to kyle lent! YAY KYLE! your blog is a combination of wit and hilarity and i enjoy every post.
5. BEST FAMILY BLOG – athetrooks! yay! congratulations. of course i might be a tad biased, since the actual plastic cupcake has appeared on your site. nontheless, great job!
6. BEST VIDEO BLOG – congrats to austin wadlow. your video updates are awesome!

the best idea of 2008 is presented to the idea of me becoming an aunt. times 2! in 2009. HOORAY! way to go sisters. i can’t wait to feed your kids cupcakes and then send them home to you on a sugar high.

back in march i went to visit my friend angela. she is one of my heart friends, that i just enjoy seeing every so often. we sat on the beach and ate brownies for breakfast…read lots of books and swam. it was the BEST. thanks angela! and congratulations!

this is hard. many of our award winners tonight, could be chosen for this category as well. but in the end, i have chosen @r_scheckel and @kelseywynns. you guys crack me up!

thanks for reading! your trophies are in the mail. cheers to a great 2009!

13 thoughts on “the 2008 awards.

  1. r_scheckel says:

    Wow! What an honor to share this award! I’m glad I could provide some chuckles. Here’s hoping 2009 is even better… for us all! God bless! Exclamation marks!!!

  2. Jacob Vanhorn says:

    I don’t know what to say. I would like to thank Jesus Christ for this moment. He made this victory possible. Oh and a shout out to all my homies in the ATX.

    John 3:16, peace out!!

  3. Ghazala Khan says:

    Interview Request

    Hello Dear and Respected,
    I hope you are fine and carrying on the great work you have been doing for the Internet surfers. I am Ghazala Khan from The Pakistani Spectator (TPS), We at TPS throw a candid look on everything happening in and for Pakistan in the world. We are trying to contribute our humble share in the webosphere. Our aim is to foster peace, progress and harmony with passion.

    We at TPS are carrying out a new series of interviews with the notable passionate bloggers, writers, and webmasters. In that regard, we would like to interview you, if you don’t mind. Please send us your approval for your interview at my email address “ghazala.khi at”, so that I could send you the Interview questions. We would be extremely grateful.


    Ghazala Khan
    The Pakistani Spectator

  4. kyle says:

    first off, i think you should do the pakistani interview… doesn’t sound fishy at all. pakistani is known for their renowned articles on technology. :-)

    second, thanks for the award! although i don’t know if i should be flattered or appalled that i am an “oldie”. i’ll take your word for it. :-)

  5. Kristin says:

    Oh my goodness. Well, first and foremost I would like to thank God. You’re my boy, God. I would also like to thank my family, because without them, I would be without good material. Finally, I would like to thank the fans. Without you guys…I’m nothing.

    I am so honored! Thanks for the funniest blog award. That totally made my 2008. It’s truly what I strive for. Your blog, is hysterical my friend. You always make me laugh out loud, or as the tweenies say, lol.

  6. Austin W. says:

    (Sniffle sniffle tear) I just want to thank first and foremost the Plastic Cupcake Awards for giving me this award. Next, I want to thank my family, friends, co-workers, students, and all of those who have supported me and my blog these past few months. Finally, I want to thank God….because without Him, this blog never would have happened.

    Thank you!

  7. karen says:

    i can’t believe the academy didn’t recognize the unicorn trot. i should have campaigned harder…taken out a full page ad in the chronicle or something. man!

  8. Angela says:

    i’m blinded by your awesomeness. thanks for the honor and i look forward to any other possible opportunities to vacation together.

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