i am a beautiful butterfly.

recently i’ve been working through some self-doubt and second-guessing about screwing life up and being ineffective. as i began to journal about this sunday night and i actually wrote the phrase, “i’m just thankful that God reach through my clumsiness and use me to serve others and love others because i’m doing a pretty bad job.”

and then i stopped cold. it was a lightbulb moment.

my next sentence said, “oh. maybe that’s the whole point.”

ahh! i have been missing the point!! in an effort to do God’s work, i have been missing the dad-gum point.

“cupcake, it’s not about you,” God says to me.

(yes, He calls me cupcake.)

and maybe you already know this. maybe this is one of those posts where you’re saying, ‘yeah, been there, yawn.’ but GET EXCITED. God gives us the opportunity to be made new.

a few years ago i was at a sweet passion college leader conference called ‘thirsty’ and heard the great francis chan speak. he told the story of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly and how God makes us new, and transforms us to look more like Him.

after telling that story, a woman approached him, who was some sort of bug-ologist and she told him, taking the story one step cooler, was that when the worm goes to sew it’s cocoon, the cocoon is actually made from waste. nasty, proccessed and digested food, comin out the backside, waste. (too much?)

anyway.  my point is, is that that’s what God can do for you and continues to do for me. he takes our nasty, jacked up JUNK, that we are wallowing in like pigs, and transforms us into something beautiful. like a butterfly!


here’s a clip of francis telling the story. couldn’t find the whole thing, but he’s still entertaining to watch.

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9 thoughts on “i am a beautiful butterfly.

  1. karen says:

    so that’s the real chan you were referring to when you became “chan’s friend.” sigh.

    p.s. you’re not doing a crummy job. we’re always our own harshest critic.

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