my book list, and other updates.

how many of these do you think i can get through this weekend, hmm?

“acedia and me” by kathleen norris
“active meditations and contemplative prayer” by thomas keating
“jesus for president” by shaine claiborne
“the black swan” by nicholas taleb (a re-read)

come on! i’ve really got to put these to bed, to make room for some new ones on the way.

i’m pretty pumped because my bff forever–lisa marie–is coming in town on saturday. hooray! also, the fabulous, talented, and famous hannah vanhorn turns 1. i’m totally taking my camera to the party, so i’ll be posting pictures of her cute cupcake birthday outfit, asap.

also, i hung out with some fabulous ladies from my missonal community group this evening, and got some great feedback for an art night we are trying to plan at soma. yippeeee!

i also signed up for two conferences today, as well as an informal creative arts class at UT. i think my schedule is starting to load up in a big way, so from now on you’re going to need to consult my assistant, harley, for appointments. uthankyou.

thanks for reading.

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