insert clever title here.

i feel like i’ve been hit with negativity from all sides this week. on monday, it seemed that everyone was complaining about either having to work on MLK or dreading going back to work on tuesday after having an awesome 3-day weekend. on tuesday, i saw so many “obligatory christian” status updates about obama taking office, and how we needed to pray for obama and unify ourselves as a country.

[now, many of the status updates , albeit facebook or twitter, were heartfelt and sincere, but many were not. or maybe it’s me that’s the cynic? it’s probably me.]

all of this has only added to the gray cloud that has formed over my head. i have a lot of friends who are hurting deeply right now, and it has just absolutely worn down my soul. one friend is on the verge of losing her only family member to a long battle of cancer, and two other friends are just absolutely being attacked and haunted by their past.

in a way i’m glad it’s not up to me to be in charge of people and change them, but i am thankful that i can be used to encourage and uplift where i can.

so enough of the funk! i continue to pray and be there for my friends, but, it’s important to remember the good things, too, so here are some great things that have happened in the past two weeks.

1. lisa came to visit! and it was fabulous. as mentioned before, we at about 15 tacos, collectively (ok maybe that’s an overestimation, but maybe it’s not).

2. hanging with the vanhorns. ALWAYS a good time! they are all so encouraging in their own way, and i swear i’m not writing this just because i know you guys read my blog. :) hannah’s birthday was awesome and working in the nursery sunday night was awesome as well, and i am just feel so loved when i am with you guys!

3. i love my job. i’m was happy to be working on monday because i absolutely adore the people i get to work with. we have a great time together and even took time out on tuesday to watch the inauguration festivities as a ‘family’ and then enjoyed some pizza and cupcakes together. with all the dogs, of course.

4. i am honored to be a part of a group that has started meeting on monday nights to study james, from the bible, inductively. i was so nervous, because inductive is a tedious process that can be very trying, but they all just soaked it up and loved it. it’s so fun to share something with someone else (let alone THREE other someone else’s!) that has impacted your life greatly, and see it also working for them. i can’t wait until next week.

i’ve learned alot these past few weeks, too. i’ve come to a deeper understanding and appreciation for true friends, i’ve learned patience, and i’ve learned that sometimes you have to sit back quietly and wait.

well my eyelids are getting heavy. i must go sleep and prepare for a 5:30am run. ugh. UGH. goodnight, bloggerland!

5 thoughts on “insert clever title here.

  1. shari says:

    run? you’re running? yay!

    but i couldn’t do it early! you are my hero!

    (and i was also disturbed by all the updates of statuses on inauguration day. it made me very sad when i was truly excited.)

  2. plastic cupcake says:

    yeah bud.

    yeah i starteed training in dec for a 5k. small potatos compared to the 10k you are gearing up for!!!–but i am not a runner. my friend lynn decided to run our race in so-cal, as a way to reward our lazy selves for finishing our couch potato to 5K training. wheeee!

  3. the Storm says:

    Good for you for being positive! It only takes one person to turn around the outlook of a whole bunch of people, and that person is you this time. high-five from the storm!

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