i went to a funeral today. we lost a friend to cancer this week, so we took time today to celebrate our friend’s life and the incredible woman and example that our friend, patt, was. today was a beautiful picture of family and community coming together. it’s true what they say…it does take a village.

yep, a village. i’m so glad i have found mine. in the midst of the funeral and the reception, jacob, gina and i were commissioned to solve an a/v issue. the three of us worked frantically trying to convert a video file to something that the funeral home’s machine (any machine!) would recognize. there was an impactful moment that hit me right in the face, somewhere in our frenzied whilrwind of conversions and syncing.

i have a wonderful village. a wonderful community. we are a family.

i know that i’m supposed to know and believe, each and every day, that God loves me deeply. but today that truth was an overwhelming reality. God was loving us, and binding our hearts together as we worked as a team to make everything happen. and not just the a/v stuff, but the carpooling and setting up of the reception, the gracious work our people volunteered to do.

i was telling my buddies on the car ride home, that i don’t ever want to forget how we felt today, working together. you know, it’s weird…in some moments i feel guilty for enjoying such a wonderful gift. it’s rare to find a village as good as the one i have found. but at the same time, i desperately and urgently cling to it, because it is right.

please move to my town. or, as some would say, please be a part of our flock (i like that). all of you. you’ll find friends for life who will care for you.

thanks for reading.

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