today, february 2nd, aka groundhog day, aka job shadow at thinkwell day, aka monday…draws to a close as i’ve finished my to-do list, turned off the tv and put on my new scottie dog embroidered pajamas. i find myself feeling weary and heavy. i think sometimes in the midst of caring for others and pressing into the future, i easily and clumsily forget the burdens of my own soul and the battle for it that wages on whether i choose to recognize this or not. and even more importantly the wars within my friends of whom i’ve been fighting along side. we are all flawed and we are all broken. some days, rest is foreign to me.

heavy, dramatic sigh.

would you like a dorito? turns out i could, only eat just one (or is that lays?).

in other news, in the land of cupcakes, i was asked to ghost-write a blog, as a dog, over on the thinkwell blog. it should be up thursday or friday this week, ha.

also, i’ll be posting evil steve part 2 soon. so you better watch the first one. watch it. learn it. devour it. battle it. because evil steve is coming soon.

thanks for reading, yo.

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