it would have been wrong not to share the hilarity with the world.

me: dude go listen to RIGHT NOW!
jacob: listening right now. the first one is great. kind of a tori amos feel
me: totally
jacob: you surprised i knew tori? we dated for awhile.
me: did y’all really?
jacob: no, but i crushed on her for a month or two, via her sweet music and tormented lyrics
me: nice
jacob: sweetly tormented lyrics
me: of course
jacob: i was a sucker for singer/songwriters
me: too bad the accordion didn’t work out
jacob: yeah, cause tori was looking for a rad accordion player
me: i mean she might have been? it could have taken her career in a whole new direction
jacob: yeah, like down
me: like a tormented accordion fusion
jacob: ‘tormented accordion fusion’…i want to see that in a music review someday
me: i know. that’s the future right there.
jacob: let’s just use that for the review of the next coldplay album
me: accordion or not.
jacob: exactly
me: done. are you ready to change chris brister’s life this weekend?
jacob: if the hound of heaven precedes us in brister’s heart, then its a done deal
me: i dig this first song on sara’s page so much. i listened to them all but i especially like that one.
jacob: totally agree
me: Jesus like oozes from you. you can’t help but change his life.
jacob: i can’t believe she isn’t signed and isn’t on itunes
me: i know! i’ll sign her! soma music. that is the next project we will all undertake. we will break into the music market with our fierce accordion fusion. (Jesus ooze. haha)
jacob: ‘fierce accordion fusion jesus ooze’ that’s the quote
me: LOL, i hope you are writing this all down in your diary
jacob: long hand even

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