chris anna made me do it.

ok so this is one of those things where you have to use only the first letter of your name. and you’re supposed to tag others, so everyone’s tagged. go post this on your own junk. ha ha. ok …this is actually kinda hard…

1. What is your name : emily

2. A four Letter Word : earn

3. A boy’s Name : eric

4. A girl’s Name : elizabeth

5. An occupation : engineer

6. A color : ecru

7. Something you wear : earrings

8. A food : eggs

9. Something found in the bathroom : eyeliner

10. A place : egypt

11. A reason for being late : exhausted

12. Something you shout : eeek!

13. A movie title : ever after (HAHAHAHA! lame.)

14. Something you drink : eggnog

15. A musical group : earth wind and fire

4 thoughts on “chris anna made me do it.

  1. Chris Anna says:

    I KNEW earrings would be your e word!!! I would have gone with Encino Man for my favorite e movie. I still want to drink right out of a slurpee machine each time I see one….

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