i’m going to botch this. and am so humbled by the grace that has been shown to me.

you know that verse in romans that talks about how the spirit intercedes for us with groans, which words can not express? whew! okay. well, i think i had one of these moments today, and came to this realization when i read my bud adaryll’s facebook status (yay facebook!), which says:

adaryll read “Groanings which cannot be uttered are often prayers which cannot be refused” – Spurgeon; Thought someone might need that word today.

i was chatting with my cooler, older, talented-valentine-card-drawing, sister amy this morning about her possible trip to sulphur springs this weekend to attend one of the bazillion baby showers in my life right now (YAY AUNT-DOM!!). i’m bummed out that i can’t really go, and immediatley began dreading a shower in march that i’m throwing, for said sister, in dallas.

you see, my car has been wack as of late. i LOVE my car. it has taken me many many, ridiculous miles, but a couple of things lately have led to a decision that maybe it’s not wise to drive it on roadtrips anymore. you know, for the sake of safety. breaks are great now, but the a/c and speakers are still broken…not ideal for long drives.

so i didn’t verbally ‘groan’ or ‘moan’ but just had that kind of sinking feeling of, ugh…what am i going to do? i’ve got to get to my sisters shower in march, and another car rental is just out of the picture, financially.

i like to think that i do a fair job at honoring 1 thess 5:17, that says pray without ceasing. i talk to God all the time. so i’m sitting at my desk having this kind of internal dialogue with the Lord about what am i going to do, and my cell phone rings.

it’s my mom! she called (so weird) to tell me she’s getting ready to finish up the invitations to the baby shower, and in a tiny small voice i said, ‘i’m working on how i’m going to get myself there,’ to which she replied, ‘how about i fly you here? i’ll be at market that weekend and already have a hotel.’ um, YES PLEASE!

how awesome, and what a blessing that God is bigger than us and sets things in motion in His own time to work things out. and yay for my mom for her generosity and willingness to listen to the Spirit within her.


thanks for reading!

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