polly tics.

i usually don’t post about wine for jesus over here, but this is more of a personal note, plus i wanted to share some of our discussion questions for your own reflection.

when approached about this particular topic, ‘navigating political involvement’, i was super pumped. mostly because of knowing the heart behind this topic, but also because these things are important to talk about. it’s something i tend to shy away from because it has caused a lot of hurt and dissension within my family. EVERY family function since i was little, i can remember heated arguments about the right versus the left. ugh.

which is why i’ve never openly aligned myself with a political party. i don’t want to argue with you. when i choose a candidate it is a very personal choice, that i am privileged to make.

frankly, it scares the fire out of me when someone is so devoted to one side, and so against the other side. i see so many people idolizing parties and people in office. they rely on our president to be our savior. to fix us. i just don’t think it’s smart to rely on a mere mortal for this kind of security and peace of mind. no politician will ever have the cure for all our symptoms. it’s just not possible.

so it was good to talk about these things last night. the conversation, per the usual, led into a lot of different directions than the questions asked, but that is the beauty of getting together for a dialogue and listening to the overflow of each other’s hearts, challenging and caring for each other’s opinions.

here are some of the questions posed, and discussed.

How do the scriptures encourage us to live?

How does our voting reflect that? And should it?

How does a Christian politician have his values reflected in governing?

If we (the church) are to push back darkness, are we to use Caesar to do so?

How are sovereign nations different than individuals and the church?

3 thoughts on “polly tics.

  1. shari says:

    i agree with being a little freaked out about those who go the extreme and only believe in the right or left.

    and our president (whoever he may be present/past/future) DOES NOT want us to put all of our faith in him. he doesn’t want to be jesus. no one does. we want to live like jesus. we do not want to be a savior of the world.

    i love the way you write out your thoughts.

    thanks for sharing.

  2. plastic cupcake says:

    oh and i would also like to say that i have learned how to better articulate this by being in community with other believers and talking about it. that is the key!! i would have even less figured out if i were not actively and openly engaging in conversation, guided by scripture and seeking conviction.

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