a tour of sorts.

wow i really need to update. i could not let another day pass without saying hello. i think of you often, but have been far too busy to write.

today, however, with a few moments to spare, i would like to give you a tour of sorts of some of my favorite things in my work cubicle.

item number one. cupcakes! really, what else did you expect?

the cupcake on the right is, of course, courtesy of sam webber, and also the inspiration for this site. the left cupcake is a a knitted cupcake, made for me by the fabulous dawn carey!

item numero two. a really cool posted. what else is there to say?

item three. the woot lights. brought to you by a one: carl tyson.

last but not least, our lady of the cloth: the squeaky nun.

she was a gift to me, by our ceo, upon transferring to the admin department. she is very sassy.

this concludes our tour. i hope you had a good time.

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