upon further review of the adele concert…

me: adele told me to tell you “hi”
jacob: yeah, she still have a thing for me?
me: i think so. she said ‘no’ but i could see a sparkle in her eye
jacob: yeah, same sparkle i saw when she first met me at a taco stand in boise
me: that was very poetic
jacob: yeah, she is trying to work it in to her new single, “taco stand in boise”
me: are you the boy her record is about?
jacob: i am the ‘man’ her record is about
me: LOL, my bad. she said ‘boy’ but i think that’s a british thing. haha, i wouldn’t take offense.
jacob: it’s cause when it is just her and i, she sees my boyish charm
me: HAHAHAHA! i wonder how much you will give me to keep me from posting this on plastic cupcake.
jacob: i didn’t trip when you outed me and tori amos
me: haha, true.

2 thoughts on “upon further review of the adele concert…

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