sxsw, chats and the deaf school performs musicals?

sxsw has been going on this weekend. i did not voluntarily participate in any shows, except for one: explosions in the sky. and by ‘voluntarily’ i mean that i was forced to participate in 3 afternoons of horrible, awful music from a couple of venues outside my back office door. i’m not even kidding when i tell you that on friday, it was so bad, the dogs started howling. ha ha!

i have a couple of friends in town this weekend for various festivities and it’s been a lot of fun hanging out and walking about the city. last night, some of us participated in a really ridiculous gmail chat.

me: hellooo
dan: howdy howdy
me: i’d like to welcome you all to this meeting
jacob: em!!!
me: 1st order of business….what do we think of the lagasses?
dan: the state of the union. Lagasses?
me: ben and leanne
dan: oh I approve
alicat: yeah i second that
me: woohoo! they’re so cute
jacob: i like them
me: YAY! ok second order of biz…who wants to go for a 6am run?
alicat: HECK NO! I’ll be asleep
me: i’m going to wake you up
alicat: im going to yell at you in my sleep! im mean in my sleep
dan: I’m glad I have a silence key on my phone
jacob: man, all these people on chat means i really have to pay attention
me: we are talking about who wants to go on a 6am run w/me
jacob: i can’t multitask and watch “terminator: the sarah conner chronicles”
dan: I’m strugglin, watching a dvd, chatting, facebooking, etc.
alicat: no, i have a better idea….Who’s down for pancakes in the morning?!
me: ME!
alicat: you’re already going….who else?! :)
jacob: pancakes do sound good
me: yay!
jacob: but no…maybe…i will talk to the wife. i have a ceiling fan to install in the morning and a visit at the jail. and maybe a candidate forum from 1pm-3pm
jose has joined
me: hi jose!
alicat: now keep up jacob :)
jose: holy crap…this is nuts
me: oh yeah, well if you wanna go, holler. you gotta eat breakfast sometime.
jacob: when and where?
me: kerbey (we can go to the south lamar one) 9:30?
alicat: deal! im in! Jose? you there?
me: and jacob, are you going on the 6am run?
jose: i’m lost
jacob: &*%# no, i will not be on the run
alicat: hahahaa
me: jacob you’re my fav (don’t tell al, dan or jose)
alicat: HEY
me: (they’ll never suspect)
jacob: np
alicat: I am #2, christie is #1. end of story!
me: true christie IS number 1
jacob: i am 1.1
me: nice.
jacob: what’s up jose!
jose: i talked to lecrae today, he’s cool. i told him about the duck weigh
me: yeah you did…DANIEL WHERE ARE YOU
alicat: Come back dan!
dan: i’m the small voice
alicat: hahaah
jacob: it is like we are speed typers
dan: i dunno about that
jacob: i want to stop mommy
jose: too bad i’m not a speed reader
me: ok gnight crazies. you are all wonderful. see y’all at the 6am run. and jacob holla about the pancakes.
jacob: seriously, 9:30am at kerbey lane, south lamar?
alicat: sleeep
jacob: will text you

and so on and so forth to where everyone had to start addressing each other individually. good times. ha!

in conclusion i leave you with this mysterious picture i took last night on our walk back to torchy’s after aforemtioned concert and fireworks show with explosions in the sky.


uhhhthankyou and goodnight.

4 thoughts on “sxsw, chats and the deaf school performs musicals?

  1. Kelly Bee says:

    Hi! I don’t know how I know this… but the Texas School for the Deaf has one of the only deaf theatres in the country. They’re actually really well known. One of my best friends is going to school for sign language interpretation, and she really wants to work there. Interesting, no?

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