i’ve been having a lot of conversations, lately, with folks who are going back and forth between two camps: 1. those living in the Spirit, and 2. those living, trying to pluck sin out of their life, wondering why they don’t have the fire. you know what? i struggle with this a lot. i get busy and in a hurry, neglecting discipline and seeking instant gratification. it’s just gross.

at the end of the day i know that God isn’t looking for perfection. just progression. sometimes it’s hard to move forward, to the light of Jesus. not because we know that light represents everything that is good and right, but because with the light, comes exposure.

the upside here, is that when we do get caught in the light…yes, we feel ashamed, alone, wanting to be ANYWHERE but right there, but we are ultimately restored, to the fullest meaning of that word. getting to renewal is an indescribable, life changing experience.

the cool thing about Jesus, that i don’t think people realize a lot, is that, while he does tell you to, ‘go and sin no more’ exercising judgment and discipline, (sidenote: this does not mean you will never sin again, nor does it mean that Christians don’t sin…they absolutley do.), is that He beautifully orchestrates a space for confession and grace to take place.

last night at soma, we discussed john 8:1-11, and talked about the woman, brought before Jesus for having been found out as an adulteress. the crowd wanted her to be stoned. Jesus went to her, stood with her, and took a knee beside her. let this paint a picture in your mind. Jesus’ posture is that of vulnerability and of gentleness.

Jesus told the crowd that he who is without sin, cast the first stone. slowly, one by one, each individual laid down his stone and walked away. until the two that were left was Jesus and the woman. He told her, ‘go now, and sin no more.’

i agreed with jacob when he thought out loud, that perhaps if this woman encountered Jesus again, she would not avoid him. after feeling ashamed and found-out, in the presence of Light, she wasn’t afraid. she would probably run to Jesus and hug him if she saw him passing by. He changed her life.

that is true love.

thanks for reading.

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