can you imagine if fish could talk?

david: i’m going to start making action figures of “the daves”
me: i think that’s a good idea. that would be awseome
david: would you buy one
me: yes
david: they’re definitely full of action
me: i’d buy fickle dave so i could throw it at the wall and set it on fire
david: haha, that’s mean
me: lesse, there’s fickle dave, poopy dave, funny dave, angry dave– it’s not mean…it’s true. and sometimes, SERIOUS DAVE, the truth hurts
david: just dave
me: yeah–i wrote serious dave in caps, as to add it to the list. you have so many sides
david: and they’re all good too.
me: pssh. aand…i actually just said ‘pssh’ out loud
david: haha. llosert
me: llosert? is that like sherbert?
david: sort of
me: does it come in a variety of delicious fruity flavors?
david: maybe
me: is it plain normal fruit flavors like strawberry and banana? or is it like the kind where they mix fruits together like cranapple?
david: something awesome

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