a great surprise!

so the story goes, that my bud, allison, wanted to create an incredible mother’s day surprise for the family she is living with. this week, while mom and dad were cruising around the bahamas, we planned outfits, time and location for a photo shoot. al even had 3 wooded letters made to spell “MOM”. pretty cool!

so the day of the shoot, was also the day the parents were coming home. we had scheduled the shoot from 4:30-6:30, planning to be well finished by 8pm when the travelers landed in austin. however, i got a frantic call about 12:30 from allison, saying that the church parents were on their way to dallas, planning on taking an earlier flight, arriving home at 4! frantically, she dressed the kids, packed them all up in the minivan and floored it to austin, where we quickly shot 4 locations in east austin, in about 15 minutes! no lie.

here are some of my favorites of the day!






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