davey: barley knocked a bird down that was trying to fly out of the backyard, haha.
it eventually got away.
me: awwwwww.
davey: stupid bird should get out when it sees a big dog coming at it
me: yeah.
davey: just like you would run if a bear was coming at you.
me: yes.
davey: or at least i hope you would.
me: i’d use my camera flash to scare it.
davey: you would scare them…we’d see you chasing the bear.
davey: and screaming like a crazy person.
the bears tail would be tucked.
and you’d be foaming at the mouth.
me: i’d pop some alka seltzer.
davey: and then you’d pull a tree out of the ground and throw it at the bear.
me: ummm…i’m not that strong.
davey: (but you are in this situation)
me: oh, ok.

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