summer disicpleship conference

okay so i have become the world’s WORST blogger. i am sorry, fans, i truly am. get excited, though. i leave in 6 days for berlin and hope to post every day that i am there.

i recently attended a summer discipleship conference put on my the good folks at the austin stone. in short i would like to leave you with three things that continue to resonate within me.

1. confessing things to God brings forgiveness. confessing things to others brings healing.

2. if you claim faith in Christ, walk like you have been renewed and restored. walk differently. upstream, even.

3. discipleship is about Perfectly orchestrating and weaving together, the story of your city, showing you city what it’s not but perhaps what it was intended to be, and your story of renewal and restoration.

enjoy these, friends. i’m posting the rest of the hannah pictures soon. get ready!

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