nato potato.

i found out this morning that my friend, nathan neel, has gone to heaven. i am still in shock but wanted to keep all of you who were also his friends, updated.

nate’s current facebook status still reads, “Nathan is sore after his awesome run last nite!! He is looking foward to going to chill in the Canyon and Amarillo Thursday and Friday. Nathan needs some time to himself!!” –he had gone to palo duro canyon to spend some alone time with God, and something terrible happened. the next day (yesterday) some picnicers in the area found nathan’s body.

the amarillo paper covered the story and you can read the full version here. there was no sign of a beating or gunshot wounds. he was very muddy, so authorities suspect possible drowning.

i’ll keep you all posted as i hear updates on funeral and autopsy reports.

i wanted to take a moment to say a personal word about nate. he started coming to first baptist and was a part of our college ministry several years ago. i had the honor and privilege of knowing him personally and watching him, time after time, choose Jesus to overcome sin and idolatry in his life. his faith was infectious. he was driven by the love of Christ, to reach others.

nate had just been voted in as youth pastor at new home baptist church. he had a beautiful girlfriend, nicolle, who my heart breaks for.

my favorite memory of nate is mission trip to cali, 2006. he, leanne lagasse and i, spent a day painting together. we were working on a ceiling, too and at the end of the day we were all covered in paint! i have a picture of the three of us somewhere. i will look for it to post. he had the most positive outlook in life. i learned so much from him by watching him love God.

i have to say. although i don’t know what the last moments of nate’s life were like, it must have been amazing. sitting in the beautiful canyon, spending time with God. i just picture him in the open night sky, singing, praying, feeling God’s love surround him. and then he was with Jesus. it’s so beautiful.

miss you, nato potato. thanks for being my friend.


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5 thoughts on “nato potato.

  1. LeAnne Lagasse says:

    I will never forget Nathan on MT. I was having a rough week, and it was near impossible to be in a bad mood around him. I would love to have the picture of us if you can find it.

  2. Corby says:

    This is so crazy. I talked to him on facebook IM like a week ago. He always did have such a great spirit. Let us know if you find anything else out em!


  3. Ryan Jonathan says:

    I knew nathan through Nicolle. We talked all the time. I loved him, he was my big brother. I will check up on this every so often to see what else you have discovered. Thank You.
    Ryan Jonathan.

  4. nicolle meers says:

    I can not thank you enough for the sweet words you have written here. Nathan just had a big heart and a love for so many many people. I thank you for all the kind words that have been spoken. I wanted to update you that he did NOT die from drowning. But I do not have any othere details at this moment. There was another young man in the canyon who was found and who has not been identified so please be praying for that family. But thank you for all the kind words and just know that he loved all of you very much.

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