art actualized

for the past six months, myself, along with six other artists, have been attending coaching sessions with the fabulous jen spencer. through this process we have each had time to play, listen, talk and actualize art. i HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone who has even the slightest inkling to create. jen has been a great motivator and question-asker.

my project is called ‘100 portraits’. the process of putting together this piece has been pretty challenging for me. the biggest thing is actually allowing myself to THINK that i’m an artist. it’s hard!

i wanted to create something with photography, that represented community. at a service at st. david’s one night, i was struck with this idea of communing with God individually, within a room full of other individuals on the same journey. i wondered…what was their conversation like? what was God telling them? who are these people?

over the past six months, i’ve shot and collected 100 portraits from my personal collection. a lot of these people i know, some of them i have never met. i have photographed every picture, and edited using a method that mimics a style of photography called ‘ttv’ or ‘through the viewfinder.’

i hope you will come out to ruta maya, on nov 12 and see my completed work. i want to invite you to see yourself within the 100 portraits and let it move you.

here are a few favorites.

BLOG copy

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