no i’m not talking about the liquor, i mean the BAND.

tonight i was driving back to the ATX, when everclear’s, “everything is wonderful” came on the radio. it’s one of those songs that has a thousand memories attached to it and when i heard it, i instantly longed for my friends now to experience what the song means to me.

i used to be a tennis pro at john newcombe’s tennis ranch in new braunfels, tx. specifically i coached juniors at camp during the summer and christmas breaks. it was a blast–one of the most genuine times of my life. what i mean by genuine, is that we all were just who we are. my experiences there, my relationships and lessons learned greatly shaped and formed me. those years were some of the best and worst times, but all in all…it was one of the greatest, most tightly-knit groups of people i have ever had the pleasure of working alongside.

imagine, you and 49 other early 20-somethings, making next to nothing 14 weeks out of the year. floating the river and doing laundry on the weekends, sharing almost every meal together, every sunrise and every sunset. we were all best friends. every thursday was camp dance, every friday was awards and pictures. we’d say goodbye to our favorite campers and say hello to new faces.

“everything is wonderful now.”

this song would play on our camp video that was aired at the end of each session. and in that moment, everything was always wonderful. we were a team-family-family team. we laughed together, cried together, struggled together, made mistakes together…made lots of mistakes together. but at the end of the day, at the end of the summer, we cared for each other deeply.

and…i don’t know if my friends now would mesh with my friends then. or if they’d even like being at a tennis ranch. but i just think cool people ought to meet each other.

thanks for sharing this moment with me.

2 thoughts on “everclear.

  1. Kelly Bee says:

    Thank YOU for sharing this with ME.

    And you’re right, cool people ought to meet other cool people. That’s why WE met. :)

    You are such a huge blessing in my life. Like, way more than you’ll ever know.

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