year in review.

a lot happened in 2009. i moved across town, i began serving my community more intentionally, i freakin’ sold my car. here are some hi-lights, mostly for my own entertainment and documentation.

-made an incredible friend in christie vanhorn, who has been discipling me, sharing her life with me, reading books with me, challenging me, speaking truth to me, encouraging me, prayed with me, and most of all just showing me love!

-began a sort-of running group, SARC! with the amazing amanda k and fabulous and aforementioned christie. we spent a lot of nights cooling off our legs in the swimming pool at my apartment. a lot of restoration during our pool talks–not only physically (from our run), but i’d say spiritually and mentally too.

-i convinced a lot of people to join various social networks, like twitter. probably the most notable, was getting my boss to join hoffspace. that’s right. david hasselhoff has a ning network. he noticed one day that people in geremany, australia and the US who didn’t know each other could all have one thing in common: david hasselhoff.

-speaking of german things, i spent a week in berlin (first of july) eating crepes, touring museums and smelling the lingdenberry trees.

-BECAME AN AUNT! this is probably one of the best decisions i’ve ever made. and not just once, but twice. ruby and isabella are amazing! i enjoy every second i am able to spend with them.

-my favorite brown lab was born. EMMA! she’s a mess! but a cute little brownie.

-excelled in photography. had my first art show, took an art CLASS for crying out loud. was coached through an incredible project with incredible people, and even had a couple of paying gigs here and there.

-learned a lot about discipleship. in the sense of—they aren’t college students! life is raw. so many ups and downs. worth every heartache, every drop of blood, every tear, every laugh, every lesson, every joy. amazing.

-watched some of my best friends get married. watched jesus bring restoration and renewal to jacq and andrew as they truly showed the world that marriage is a reflection on jesus and the church. barely made it for the vows, because of a plane delay to watch david and brooke say ‘i do’!–so happy for them!

-lost a great friend, nate, to heat exhaustion. still struggle through this sometimes, but take joy in the crazy amount of lives his story has touched. he is still telling people about jesus from heaven because his story is still touching lives. it is truly amazing.

-came to value community in a new way. it’s hard–but i know we were not created to live life in isolation. i have deep, rich community that loves, celebrates, rebukes when it needs to, speaks truth, gives courage, and values each other.

-oh yeah, and i feel like i’ve successfully brought back the word ‘rad.’


shout out to allen kirk for encouraging this blog to be possible. thanks for reading!

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