remembering john.

a friend of mine, john means, passed away yesterday after a fierce battle with lymphoma. he’s one of those people you couldn’t help but smile around–he overflowed with joy!

a friend of his family posted this on his caring bridge and i couldn’t have said it any better. beautiful words.

John died peacefully after a valiant fight. All machines and medicines were disconnected, he took a last breath, and then John rode on angel wings to stand before the throne of God. Those of us who loved him prayed him over the Great Divide, both jealous and devastated as we stay behind.

Frederick Buechner calls people of God “connoisseurs of sorrow,” for we are alive through the depth of Christ’s suffering borne out of love for us. Today and for the foreseeable future, we wrap sadness around like a cloak. At the very same time, we are people of hope. Christ came to bring eternal life of abundant delight. To this promise we cling. O death, where is thy sting? Seems like everywhere we look at this moment. But a new tomorrow will dawn in which there is no sorrow or crying. For that day we wait.

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