i went to africa and i’m getting married!

wow it has been forever since i have posted. things have been just a little bit busy around here in the life of the plastic cupcake!

in october i made my treck to africa with help end local poverty. i’m still processing a way to eloquently describe what i experienced. i’m so excited to being our storytelling process from africa–and roll out our 2011 campaign, for the orphan. i will be posting more blogs (pinky swear!) from africa in the next few weeks about some of our kiddos. stay tuned.

ALSO, i am SO EXCITED to announce that i’m getting married!!!! dan and i are tying the knot here in austin, this coming february 5th! we are having a small morning wedding and then heading to greece for 8 days. i can not wait and i know this will be an exciting time. we created a cheesy wedding website, if you’re so inclined, to follow our story: http://www.emilyanddan.wordpress.com.

our dear friend, and my discipler, jana, took us all around town last sunday for an engagement shoot. more to come, but until then here’s one for you to enjoy!

One thought on “i went to africa and i’m getting married!

  1. Katy says:

    WHAT?!?! I am SOOO happy for you! Oh my gosh!!! If this isn’t a “we need to catch up” moment, I don’t know what is!!

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