life and routine

i am a huge fan of nancy leigh demoss, who wrote the book, “lies women believe.” i follow her through all forms of social media, and the other day she tweeted something that i can’t get out of my head:

it’s easier to breathe life back into a lifeless routine than to get life where there’s no routine at all.

i have absolutley no complaints about my life being dull or lifeless. in fact, it’s quite the opposite! i just got married, went to greece, went to AFRICA before that! oh my word. but i think i’ve been craving getting back INTO a routine after the whirlwind that has been the past six months. which makes me realise that i want my routine to be life-giving and life-breathing, not to myself, but to others.

dan and i realised early on in our relationship, that “normal” and “routine” things were not part of this deal, ha! there have been a lot of nights where we had just bought movie tickets and then had to go pick someone up. or we’d sit down for a meal, and need to go and see our friend olivia on the east side and help her pay her bills. it is never a burden to help someone. sometimes we get selfish with our own desires, but God gives us rest, joy and understanding through these things.

i’ve never been one for new years resolutions, but i think a routine of prayerful goal-setting and public accountability is healthy. i will never be ‘perfect’ with helping others or knocking out my to-do list, but there are some things that i think can set me up to succeed. and in that process, take care of the body and life God graciously gave to me. so here are three things i want to incorporate into my life, in a meaningful way:

1. read ephesians with a purpose. before our wedding, i began a study called, ‘by his wounds we are healed,” by wendy alsup (another believer that i stalk via social media). i was in this study for about a month and never made it past the first chapter. not because i was slacking, but God was keeping me there. i am ready to revisit and soak it in.

2. cook more at home. i should probably add cook ‘healthy’ more at home (i do love butter and sugar!). even during dating, dan and i have always cooked a meal together at least once a week, and we’ve gotten into a good habit of this being married. we do okay–nutrition-wise, but i’ve noticed lately how sluggish we are due to too many homemade biscuits (oh so good!) and other pastries/breads. so i want to incorporate more lean meats and veggies into our diet. noms.

3. run away! okay maybe just a mile away. ha! i got really back into a great workout routine last august, and even joined a gym. but with wedding-mania it has been way on the back-burner. my bud larry and i ran a 5K in december and i want to follow his lead in doing 3 more races this year. which means…back to the gym. consistently.

it seems like a lot thinking it all through, but i know that they can become good patterns to my day. so please feel free to ask me how they are going! and feel free to ask me how my heart is doing around these issues, too.

thanks for reading.

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