family time

last sunday, the bryant-three got together with our respective spouses/kiddos and had an amazing feast of enchiladas and tamales. i absolutley love these times getting to catch up be silly…these days it seems that we always get an episode of elmo’s world, or sesame street in for the little girls, too.

it amazes me how fast my nieces are growing up. they will both turn two in april and every time i see them, they have changed, and learned something new. i am so proud of them!


(ruby left, issy right)

it’s sort of crazy to think that for the first time in my life, the possibility of having kids myself is real. i was never that little girl that dreamed of her wedding or had china patterns and colors picked out by the time the man of my dreams proposed–or had kids names picked out for both boy and girl.

don’t get me wrong, though. planning our wedding was seriously awesome. i had some of the best times dress shopping, looking at jewelry and not to mention just getting poured into by jana and larry, who disciple us and who helped us (and continue to help us) process through this thing called marriage.

we are definitely, positivley, very much in our honeymoon phase and i love it. ha! being married has been on one hand so natural, and on the other a totally weird (but good) transition. i have loved going to work together, coming home together, making meals together, playing video games together—it’s just awesome. no more saying good bye at night!

with all these new things happening in life, i am vowing to blog more and keep things updated this year. we’ll see how it goes. :) we just got back from greece and london and i have lots of stories to tell, not to mention…i haven’t ever written much about africa!

love to you all. thanks for reading!

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