so you may (or may not) have noticed that i have a new link to the left called, “thirty in 30.” i’m turning 30 this may, and made a list of thirty things to do in my 30th year! i’m getting started a little early, though.

last night, i went with my friend jana to richard moya park, here in austin, for a random but fun photoshoot! we decided to send each other our top 4 choices of pictures that we took. we shot this amazing bridge that’s towards the back of the property. i told her i felt like there should be a ferris wheel and someone selling cotton candy at the other end of it! it’s sort of out in the middle of nowhere.

it’s awesome to see our individual takes on this bridge. until i’m able to post our top pics, here’s a pic of me that jana took, and a pic of us in the center of the bridge.

thanks for reading!

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