#9: scrapbook our wedding

yeah. this does not mean printing out a bunch of pictures and adding them to cutesy papers from hobby lobby. some people make totally beautiful albums that way, but i am not one of them. maybe if i could cut in a straight line, or take the time to purchase a paper cutter, but i have to say i am more than thrilled with the results of the album we ordered!

it’s definitely non-traditional. the entire book is black leather, a 10×10 square. all the pictures in side are also 10×10, and they are GORGEOUS. the only downside is some of the pics weren’t square shaped friendly, so we had to really pick and choose. we ordered our custom album tuesday night and it arrived today, thursday! in addition to our gorgeous 24 page album we got about 60 prints in sizes from 4×6 to 8×10, all for about two hundred smackers, so we were really happy.

we used a company called mpix, and did everything online. check them out! they are pretty rad.

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