layover in london.

we had an amazing honeymoon to greece, which i will post about later. i didn’t get to use my big-girl camera, in london, bc it was raining, but i did get some sweet shots on my iphone! ha!

we had an overnight layover on our way home. this was a huge treat for us, because dan LOVES all things british. the history, culture, red coats, the union jack…God save the queen! i thought he might kiss the ground when we landed but he totally didn’t.

my phone was kind of dying when we landed. i did, however, manage to get a picture of us on the heathrow express, which is the airport train that goes to paddington station, where we caught a different tube line to victoria.

here we are on the train! super happy and ready to find a good pub. :)

we stayed at the hesperia london at victoria, which was totally a treat. it was super modern and trendy.

we went to a pub for dinner…and both had some sort of variation of fish and chips. it was delicious. dan was totally in his element here. :)

we took a short walk around victoria square. it was raining so much we didn’t see a ton, but it was nice to breath in the londony air.

we almost missed our flight the next day because the tube was down. alarms were going off everywhere in the station, so we got in a huge line to take a taxi back to paddington, which was nice because we got to see more of london in the daylight! i cried the whole way through security because i thought we had missed our flight, but we made it! some of the last people on board!

this was my fourth trip to london and dan’s first, and i sooo hope it’s in the cards for us to return someday!

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