to gray, or to grey

i’m still having the debate as to whether or not i want to spell it ‘grey’ or ‘gray.’ but really, there are bigger things in life to worry about.

so we ordered some paint samples for the big house. i think it’s hilarious referring to our house as, ‘the big house,’ but that’s what it is!

you see, when i moved into my current place of residence (an awesome 2 bedroom apartment on the eastside, above a carport), there were no plans in my future to get married. ha! my, how we can plan, but not really plan. (control is such an illusion!) so when dan and i decided to wed, he continued renting out the house that he owns, and moved in with me. it has worked out fabulously so far.

our tenants will be out mid-june, so we’ll have a couple of weeks to paint and clean…and clean…and more cleaning, before we move our junk.

i told dan that left to me, our house would be all grey and white. his favorite color is blue, so that totally gives me something to work with, but since he said he’s happy in grey, these are the paint samples i ordered.

and just for good measure, a very pale color, though crisp, bright whites are going to RULE.

the bottom most grey color, i am hoping will be fantastic in person. here’s a bedroom from bright.bazaar, that’s my inspiration for our master.

i dig the white furniture against this darker background.

anywho, just some beginning thoughts. pretty pumped about getting the ball rolling on this giant project!

thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “to gray, or to grey

  1. Tara @ Dashing in Pearls says:

    Oh my gosh I LOVE THOSE COLORS! I’m so ready to get into a house and OUT of an apartment so I can start decorating like that!

    Also, there will be no tweeting DURING my half because I don’t take my phone with me (unless I can convince my boyfriend to do it) but there will LOTS of tweets before and after!

  2. Melissa Summers says:

    Girl..I am all about the gray and white. That’s the color I would like for our walls some day when we buy a place. Grey, white, green plants, wood, metal, stone, and lots o love! I am digging the two bottom colors the most!

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