pom-poms galore!

my nieces are turning two in the next two weeks, and this calls for the GREATEST of celebrations! they are actually having a petting zoo party this weekend that i am sooo bummed to miss, as dan and i are traveling to florida, for a wedding.

last saturday, amy (sister) and i had a total same brain idea on a decoration idea. tissue pom-pom balls!

here’s are a few finished ones, hanging in between paper lanterns:

and here are our lovely assistants, mary and amanda c:

i think we made about 12 puffs. totally awesome and easy. basically it takes three steps. here’s how we did ours.

1. lay the tissue flat and fold, accordion style.
2. tie the middle (not too tight) with a pipe cleaner or with floral wire.
3. spread and fluff each side to make an awesome pom pom!

it’s fun to mix different colors together, and cut the tissue paper to make smaller sizes, too. i saw a picture somewhere of someone who had made a lot of smaller ones and strung them together as a garland. totally rad!

you can also, before fluffing and after tying your pipe cleaner, take a pair of scissors and scallop or cut a point on the ends to create different looks.

enjoy! thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “pom-poms galore!

  1. Carroll says:

    Those are so fabulous!! I’ve seen some before in party pics, but I’m so excited to actually know how to make them. Have so much fun in Florida!! :)

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