fill in the blank friday

i totally stole this from running tara…and you should, too. it’s kind of fun! i’m a sucker for lists and quizzes. :) (ps you running people, esp beginner runners, should follow this gal! she’s got guts!)

1. my favorite daily responsibility is probably washing dishes. i know…totally boring, but there’s something rhythmic and wonderful about warm soapy water.

2. my least favorite daily responsibility waking up. does that count? i’m a really bad waker-upper. sometimes it takes me until 11am to really get going, ha! people tell me i should try coffee…

3. my favorite cuisine to eat when going out is lately? pizza. i have to be careful bc a lot of cheese makes me sick, boooo…but our favorite place right now is jax cafe. AND they have independence beers on tap (a local flavorite).

4. my favorite cuisine to prepare at home is …southern? american? i make  a lot of  creamy chicken casserole and cobbler. :)

5. andy warhol says that everyone is famous for 15 minutes. my claim to fame is bringing back the word, “rad.” so rad.

happy friday, friends!

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