this past weekend we took a quick trip to orlando to watch some of our friends get married. well, i watched, dan participated (he was a groomsman). it was a little warm, but otherwise beautiful weather and we had a wonderful, fancy time.

we love watching people get married because it reminds us of our special day. we reminisced about all the events surrounding our marriage and how grateful we were for those who poured into us during the process. we had great conversations about Jesus, community and how we were doing as a couple. i loved getting away, in a different atmosphere, getting to hang out with dan for a weekend and have lots of quality time!

hp world was like a fan’s DREAM. delicious butterbeer, a perfectly replicated street of hogsmeade, with joke shops, candy stores, and an owl post. they had ollivanders too, even tho that’s really in diagon alley. hogwarts in and of itself was really unbelievable. it was one of the coolest rides ever, combining 3-D, projections, and roller coaster. on the way into the ride, you walk through the greenhouse, dumbledor’s office, and the hall of portraits. so amazing!

here’s a pic of hogsmeade…check out the butterbeer cart!

here’s one of dan and i enjoying a tasty butterbeer. yum!

and i could definitely not complete this post without showing a picture of hogwarts!

i hope someday we get to have kids and take them here. it was super fun!

thanks for reading.

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