billy vs. steve

as you may or may not know, my favorite movie is the king of kong: a fistful of quarters. this is actually a documentary based on two champions of the old, mario original, donkey kong.

i think i like it so much because it tells a real story. for YEARS…decades even, billy mitchell was the reigning champion of donkey kong with over 90 thousand points as his high score. although the documentary portrays him as kind of the bad guy, he’s very charitable. he loves people and has a super successful hot sauce business.

his challenger is 7th grade science teacher from washington state, steve weibe. he actually came to austin to try to break the world record at the alamo drafthouse. it was totally awesome, and he said he felt like a star here. but that’s how we do in austin—we keep it weird.

check it out. come over and watch it with use. we even have the soundtrack, ha!

you can watch the trailer here, and keep up with the latest updates on high scores and who’s what and where, at billy vs. steve dot com.

watch it. don’t chumpatize yourself.

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