peep smores

in an effort to become more celebratory of holidays, i decided yesterday afternoon that i was going to make an easter treat for some of my coworkers. i think i particularly have a hard time with easter, because american culture has just commercialized the heck out of it, and it doesn’t leave much for the actual meaning.

i have read somewhere that dyeing eggs goes back to the passover (before Christ came), but i can’t really verify that or give you any more history than that. but the easter bunny? since when does a bunny lay eggs? just saying.

i’m going to do a post later today on good friday, which will explain what easter really is, but until then i’ll hang up my cranky pants and tell you about my treat. :)


i was inspired by a link i saw on facebook yesterday. i also saw a link for peeps sushi, and had i gotten it to work, this post MIGHT just be titled, ‘peeps sushi.’

so here they are, it’s very simple. graham crackers, chocolate and peeps. at first i started out with just one peep, but it looked so lonely.

i put all of these things in a little celophane bag and tied it shut with a twisty tie. and ta-da!! some lucky soul gets the mix matched peep set. :) it’s my favorite.

right after i posted this, i gave my first one away and the recipient thought it was so cool! success. and it cost…maybe 5 dollars to make 8 of these. that’s pretty good, i say!

thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “peep smores

  1. Melissa Summers says:

    So cute….love it! You are super creative and ultra thoughtful girl!!!

    I hear you on the commercialism of Holidays and how it can take away the meaning….but I am trying to celebrate them better as well because it’s good(and fun) to celebrate, and remember….and I love making memories and traditions!

  2. plastic cupcake says:

    t-i don’t like peeps either! HAHA! i think they are pretty gross, actually. i went home one year with austin adams for easter, and kendal and hayley introduced me to peeps jousting…SO FUN! so i always buy at least one box during easter. :)

    mel, that’s such a great way to look at it–traditions!!!! thanks for the encouragement towards celebration. :) i always tell jana that i think zoe is really good at celebrating holidays and that i have so much to learn from her! :)

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