#16: ride a roller coaster at a theme park

i started going through my list and i found a couple more things i had completed and forgot to blog about! WOO!

when we went to harry potter world, i had read rave reviews about the rides there. they were all totally awesome…but there was one in particular i had my sights set on: the dragon challenge.

leading up to the entrance is all kinds of awesome tri-wizard paraphernalia—banners for cedric, harry, fleur, and krum. totally awesome! you go through a series of twists and turns and then you must make your choice.  a chinese fireball or hungarian horntail.

we chose the chinese fireball and it was bananas! basically you get on one of two coasters that intersect and interwind with each other.

now, i am not a roller coaster person, AT ALL. ha! dan loves them and i knew that right out of the gate i wanted to cowgirl-up, and get this done!! i was so nervous walking up to the ride, and thought we might die a few times, but i have to admit, that it was pretty fun!

after a good five-minute recovery, i was ready to see the rest of the park. fun times!!!

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