#24: take someone to fusebox who has never been

well, originally, i had other plans on how to fulfill this, but you know…life!

fusebox fesitval is a 10 day performance art festival in austin texas, that happens every year around the end of may/beginning of june. it is totally awesome, and i’ve volunteered the past three year. this year, i wasn’t able to, but have still been able to attend a few events.

dan went with me last year to a VIP party for fusebox, and been my taxi to a few of the late night events, but has never actually attended an event.

last saturday we went to steven and eugene’s 50/50 birthday party hosted at an old abandoned power plant in the heart of downtown. the space is SO cool, and i’ve attended events there before. we got to hear the amazing and talented graham reynolds perform, followed by another favorite, foot patrol.

we are also going to see reggie watts on sunday, which will be awesome! i have seen him live 4 times, and attended several late nite events with him. i will leave you with a clip of reggie on conan, this past christmas. just remember, kwanza juice: it’s exactly what you think it is.

thanks for reading!

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