the big 3-0, people!

i have to say i’ve been looking forward to this for awhile. i have never been one to freak about entering a new decade, in fact, i’ve long thought my thirties is where life would begin.

i had an AMAZING day! here a few pictures.

i got to work and found an awesome zombie finger puppet compliments of karen soup chan. she is the best!! here is the zombie along with a singing birthday card from my parents, ha ha.

i also got lots of treats from ruby…some delicious bubbly among other things. woot! emmadog threw me a pizza party…i forgot to take any pictures of the delicious pies we enjoyed from east side pies, but here’s a really cute pic of emma in her festive scarf. (by the way,we also had COOKIE CAKE! compliments of buttersweet bakery!)

we have our small group for church on thursdays and we had signed up to bring snacks since, you know, it was going to be cinco de mayo and all…and we ended up playing pictionary and stuffing our faces with mexican fare. YUM!

AND camila made me this beautiful, delicious cake…and it was green!!! my fav. :)

dan and i got to go out to dinner friday night to manuels (downtown) for ceviche and margaritas.. it was incredibly wonderful to just sit and talk about life, while enjoying some amazing food. we had a lot to celebrate, because my birthday is also our first date-ing anniversary. YAY!

i’m feeling pretty strong about thirty. and i’m way excited to keep knocking out that thirty in 30 list!

thanks for reading.

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