it’s been way too long. i’ve been neglecting the ol’ blog! so sorry to all three of you who read this, ha!

so what’s new?

i got to spend a lovely afternoon and evening with my niece issy last week. my parents came in town and took mary and jason to see the president speak, so we got some good, quality time. here are some fav issy pictures from that day!


in other news, we are on our sixth week of ordering all of our groceries from greenling. i love it! we have actually cut back on our grocery bill…because in the store, i think i see things that aren’t on my list that seem like a good idea. like candy. mostly candy. haha!

i will update you more on this later but my current favorite product is drinkable yogurt from texas daily harvest. to my surprise, this farm is located in yantis, texas…about 10 miles from my home town! it says their products are made from the finest jersey cows and i totally believe it. i highly recommend the blackberry…but blueberry and strawberry are great too (not as sour, though). we have also been trying different milks, and enjoy tdh’s raw goat’s milk. it’s super expensive tho, so i’m not sure we will get it very often.

also, i got this juice from whole foods this week. check it out.

guess what the ingredients were? pineapple, banana and orange. that’s IT! it was so good, i bought a second one to take home. over the weekend i tried this experiment at home, with an orange, banana and 1/2 a pear. it was a little thick but soooo tasty! and i ate 2 1/2 pieces of fruit in one drink! haha! that’s a LOT of fruit, but experiments are now in full swing. i’ll report back and let you know how they go.

until next time, friends! thanks for reading!

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