#12: go to a concert

ok this blog post is just going to be FULL of confessions. here we go.

sometimes when i get sick, i make weird purchases. probably the craziest one, was i bought some horrible green rain boots from target one night when i was up late, suffering through food poisoning from eating ceviche. but sometimes i do other weird things, too. like back in march. i decided in my feverish haze, that it was a GOOD idea to pay a lot of money for two tickets to see celtic woman.

i really don’t know why i did this. i really can’t explain it to you at ALL. it took almost 24 hours for the confirmation to arrive in my inbox, and when it did, i was immediatley filled with regret and horror….they were NON-REFUNDABLE. haha.

i waited a good three days before i confessed this to the man. HA! i felt so terrible..we had been budgeting very tightly post wedding/europe. he, rightfully and gently so, talked with me about how this wasn’t a good decision and that we needed to sell the tickets, so i immediatley put them up on craig’s list to see what kind of offer i could get.

about thirty minutes later…i get a g-chat, and dan asks me if i’ve sold them…i hadn’t. he decided we were going. HA! he just said we would have to sacrifice somewhere else (which we did), but that he really wanted to go to the show. it made sense…we both love celtic music and he is really into it. ha! so we decided to see the show.

i have to say, that it was very americanized, and upstaged. (warning this next sentence will sound snobby.) for someone who has seen and experienced and participated in singing old irish folk songs IN ireland…it just wasn’t as magical. it was kind of like if the tv show glee, was in ireland, i think. but musically, it was pretty fantastic. they had a HARP!!!! awesome! and 2 bagpipe players…one who played amazing grace as a solo. totally beautiful.

so that’s my story. that’s how we fulfilled our ‘going to a concert’ in my 30th year.

thanks for reading!

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